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EMSocialSimulation lets you simulate social media interactions and response techniques in a private, secure environment. Train communications teams, practice situational awareness, eliminate rumors, and avoid “test tweets" and the spread of misinformation.

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Why Does It Matter?

More people are looking to social media for news and information about emergencies and events. It is increasingly important to know how to use social media in a safe environment before involving the public, but we can’t simulate events or disaster scenarios using real social media networks because it may be confusing the public.

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During Hurricane Sandy, FEMA tweeted to its followers, “Phone lines may be congested during/after #Sandy. Let loved ones know you're OK by sending a text or updating your social networks.”


Following the Boston Marathon bombing, the number of Boston Police Department Twitter (@bostonpolice) followers rose from 40,000 to over 335,000.


80% of Americans expect emergency response agencies to monitor and respond to social media platforms, and 1/3 expect help to show up within 60 minutes of a posting.

* Statistics from the University of San Francisco

Get Comfortable With Common Social Networks

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Simulate Common Networks

EMSocialSimulation lets you practice using the most common social networks, as well as other media such as blogs, local news, and forums. This lets you blend traditional communication outlets with social media to provide emergency public information and to expand your reach.

Deliver your message with the right tone.

In addition to getting comfortable with using social networks and communicating through media outlets, practicing social media on EMSocialSimulation can help you craft your tone to deliver the right message to an audience using language that's cultivated and professional, but also relaxed.

Turn Social Media Into A Powerful Tool

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Get Up To Speed

Familiarize Communications Teams and Public Information Officers in social media monitoring and response strategies.

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Practice Techniques

Train for situational awareness, information dissemination, rumor control, event analysis, messaging strategy, and information verification.

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Keep Exercises Safe

Avoid “test tweets” and spread of misinformation during exercises.

A Diverse Set Of Features

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Use our pre-scripted templates for common scenarios, including active threats, inclement weather, and more.

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Social Media

Mimic the most common social media outlets, as well as local newspapers, blogs, and press releases.

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2-Way Interaction

EMSocialSimulation is more than watching a video. Players comment on posts and share links to drive the scenario, and #hashtags are automatically recognized to add realism.

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There is no risk of misinforming the public or attaching “testing” tags to your posts, stories, or updates.

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Use Anywhere

Our web-based platform can be used from any computer. No need for setup or travel.

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Customize any template, or create something completely from scratch. We also offer unique feature development.